Hero makeover is fine.. but content ?

Thu Mar 16 2017 14:36:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Gautam Nanda' is the latest movie of director Sampath Nandi starring Gopichand.   Going by the posters of the film,  we could understand easily that mass hero Gopichand worked hard for this film.  Gopi's look in the recently released poster is really good and it is a huge makeover for him.  Gopichand look appears to be a class with mass touch.. and it has got superb response in the social media.  On the other hand, the movie shoot is nearing completion.  Introduction song will be shot in Dubai.. and there is another song left.  With these two songs, entire shoot will be wrapped up.  

Even though Gopichand's tremendous transformation getting huge appreciation from the audience,  the content of the film plays more important role in the success of the film.  But the worrying factor here is that the director Sampath Nandi never tried something new till now.  

Except his first film,  the other films 'Racha'.. 'Bengal Tiger' are based on routine commercial formulae.  Luckily those two films did well at the box office. That doesn't mean we can rule out him.  He is specialist in handling commercial elements.  Coming to the 'Gautam Nanda', we have to wait and see that only Gopichand's look is new... or the entire movie is also fresh.