Government Realized the Need To Censor OTT Content At Last?

Sun Aug 14 2022 15:42:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

The OTT platforms saw a golden period for around two years in India. When the Covid pandemic hit us and the theatres were shut, the OTTs became the one-stop destination for entertainment lovers and entertained the audiences and entertainment lovers. Since 2020, there is no stopping for the OTT platforms.

In two years, the stature and level of OTT platforms increased massively. The platforms which served as a substitute to theatres during pandemic time started threatening the theatres as the members of the industry are alleging that audiences started coming to theatres due to the OTTs.

The OTT scare to the industry reached a point where the film industry decided to stop the shoots to discuss various issues including the OTT issues including the early release of films. The film producers already proposed a suggestion that Telugu films should not be released before 50 days of the theatrical release.

Another issue related to OTTs that needs to be addressed is the lack of scrutiny on nudity and adult scenes. Many shows have objectionable content that makes them unable to be watched by family audiences. Shows like Mirzapur are famous for such scenes and with filth language and nude scenes, the show shot to super success.

Most of the OTT shows made in the Hindi language have objectionable scenes and dialogues. We have seen how the Hindi web series Tandav streamed on the Amazon Prime platform landed in a big controversy. The makers issued an apology for allegedly hurting the sentiments of a community. Since then there has been a debate that the OTTs should also be censored so that the unwanted adult content can be wiped off.

Putting an end to the long wait, a bill that aims to ban abusive and violent content on OTTs was tabled in Parliament house recently. A BJP MP tabled the bill in the house earlier last week.

BJP MP Manoj Kotak introduced the bill in Parliament to seek a regulatory Authority which looks into the objectionable and violent content that appears on the OTT platforms. Like how the censor board censors the films, the authority would censor the OTT content.