'HIT 2' sensation Adivi Sesh unveils teaser of 'Enthavaaru Gaani'

Sun Dec 04 2022 09:48:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Thrillers are the flavour of the season. Viewers are loving to watch them on in theatres and OTT, as the hype around 'HIT 2' shows.  Adivi Sesh, the talented actor of 'HIT 2', has unveiled the teaser of a complex thriller titled 'Enthavaaru Gaani'.  Producers Rajasekhar Annabhimoju, Surendra Karumanchi, and Siva Mupparaju of Swastika Creations thanked the star hero.

Starring Surya Srinivas, Sherry Agarwal, Meghna Rajput, and Divyangana in lead roles, the film has been made without compromising on quality.

Touted to be a content-driven movie, the film boasts multiple elements: entertainment, thrills, romance, fun and drama. "This is my directorial debut. I have been an Editor and Sound Designer," says Sriniwaas N, who worked on a number of RGV movies as an editor and Sound designer. He added that 'Enthavaaru Gaani' has got traces of a mind-bending psychological thriller.

In the teaser, we see a woman having an affair with her married boss. But there is also a complex undercurrent. A lab experiment by a female character is a key ingredient. Terms like 'quantum physics' make it sound like the film is a brainy one.

The director, Sriniwaas. N, as a Sound Designer, worked on notable titles such as 'Kshana Kshanam', 'Gaayam', 'Govinda Govinda', 'Ratri', 'Antham', 'Drohi', 'Money', 'Anaganaga Oka Roju', 'Mrugam', 'Raat', 'Money Money', and 'Doud'. He also won the AP State Award for Best Sound Designing for 'Gaayam'.

Cinematographer Praveen K Bangari and music director Vijay Kurakala have worked on the movie. The BGM is by Ghyani and art direction is by JK Murthy.

Cast: Surya Srinivas, Sherry Agarwal, Meghna Rajput, Divyangana, Appaji and others

Writer, Director: Sriniwaas. N
Producers: Rajasekhar Annabhimoju, Surendra Karumanchi, Siva Mupparaju
Banner: Swastika Creations
DOP: Praveen K Bangari
Music: Vijay Kurakula
Background: Ghyani
Art Director: JK Murthy
PRO: Sai Satish, Rambebu Parvataneni