Photo Story: Bikini Lady...Beach View!

Mon May 27 2019 21:18:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bikinis & Beaches make a deadly combination any day. It's always tough to pic one of them when a Bikini Beauty flaunts her curves at a beautiful beach. At least, That makes sense when you take a look at the latest appearance of Hamsa Nandini. This is how she commented on her own picture: 'When you try to emote a dreamy look for a pic but all you thinking of is what to order next..... prawn xacuti or crab reshado'.   

Looks like, Hamsa Nandini is a foodie...especially, she mayn't be able to resist herself when there is good sea food. Well, That's her choice and nobody need to complain about it as long as she keeps lighting-up the eyes of her admirers in such manner.