Hansika Motwani Denies Rumors of Harassment by Tollywood Hero

Wed May 24 2023 13:49:18 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

In the past few hours, social media has been abuzz with a rumor suggesting that a prominent Tollywood hero had harassed actress Hansika during her early career days.

The rumor further claimed that the alleged hero had repeatedly asked her out on dates, leading to speculation and curiosity among netizens. However, Hansika herself has stepped forward to debunk these baseless rumors.

Expressing her frustration, the actress vehemently denied the allegations and urged the media to verify facts before spreading such stories. Hansika, who recently tied the knot with business tycoon Sohail Khaturiya, is happily embracing married life.

On the professional front, Hansika Motwani is actively involved in several film projects. She is currently working on movies like Partner, 105 Minutes, My Name is Shruthi, Rowdy Baby, Gandhari, and Guardian. Despite the false rumors circulating, the talented actress remains focused on her career and looks forward to entertaining her fans with her upcoming ventures.

It is crucial to differentiate between truth and baseless rumors, emphasizing the importance of responsible reporting to protect the integrity and well-being of individuals in the entertainment industry.