'Hanu-Man' Teaser Raises Debate On 'Adipurush' Again!

Mon Nov 21 2022 19:33:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Young hero Teja Sajja and creative director Prasanth Varma's 'Hanu-Man' teaser came out on Monday morning and it took everyone by surprise. Apart form the interesting story and the superhero universe the 'Awe!' director is trying to create, it is the visuals that stunned everyone.

As everyone knows, 'Hanu-Man' is made on a limited budget of around 25 crores and the grandeur the team managed to showcase is applause-worthy. There are a lot of heroic moments in the teaser too and movie lovers are amazed by the visual feast presented in the teaser which was perfect in a lot of ways. This shifted the focus of everyone toward the much-trolled teaser of 'Adipurush'.

The makers claim that the pan-Indian movie is being made on a humongous budget of over 500 crores and the teaser of 'Adipurush' disappointed everyone. The graphics were very poor and it looked like a cartoon show rather than a visual extravaganza as promised by the makers. Showing the teaser of 'Hanu-Man', a lot of netizens are trolling 'Adipurush' once again and claiming that this is how a passionate filmmaker gives his best despite a limited budget.

A lot of people are comparing the visuals of both the films and criticising director Om Raut for failing to get good output despite having more resources than Prasanth Varma. People are saying that 'Hanu-Man' is a perfect display of what can be achieved despite not having hundreds of crores at disposal. As we know, the team of 'Adipurush' postponed the movie's release from January to June of 2023 in order to work more on the VFX and CGI. Let us wait and see if there will be any kind of improvement or not.