Harish Shankar Vs Journalist over Sai Dharam Tej accident

Sun Sep 12 2021 16:57:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hero Sai Dharam Tej is undergoing treatment for the injuries he sustained in the road mishap that took place on Friday on the Durgam Cheruvu Cable Road. However, his accident has been raising a lot of doubts and discussions. While the media outlets are of one belief, the members of the Tollywood industry are defending Sai Dharam Tej.

The issue had made the Tollywood director Harish Shankar and a media person at loggerheads. The duo indulged in a heated argument on the accident. Harish Shankar gave an objection to the media reports that are being spread about the accident issue. In a satirical way, Harish Shankar said, Sai Dharam Tej is feeding a lot of people being on a hospital bed. The tweet became viral instantly.

His tweet received a response from a media person who also has experience working in the sensor Board. He said, nowadays everyone is criticizing the media and this has become a fashion now. He said movies promote violent content and when the media talk about overspeeding, they face criticism.

However, Harish Shankar gave it back to the media person and said there is an authority to look into the content to check whether it can fit into society but what about the news channels, does the same system is available in channels, Harish Shankar asked.

To which the media person replied saying that he knows the process of Censor and attached the picture of the Censor certificate of Jr. NTR starrer Aravindasametha. The picture mentioned Donthu Ramesh as one of the members of the censor team.

Harish Shankar came up with a point saying that in films, a disclaimer would be made that says the characters are shown and the story in the film is fiction. So you guys also do the same before airing saying that it is fiction. This gives clarity. The issue is going on as a section of netizens are supporting Harish Shankar, while the other section is supporting Donthu Ramesh.