Here's Why Thalapathy Vijay Couldn't Recognise Karthi

Tue Jul 20 2021 07:50:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Here is an interest incident involving two Tamil actors Karthi and rnThalapathy Vijay when the latter could recognise the 'Sardar' actor, rnalbeit unintentionally. This incident took place when Karthi's Sardar rnand Vijay's Beast were being simultaneously shot at the same film studiorn in Chennai.

As revealed by rnKarthi himself, he went to meet Vijay after coming to know that the rnlatter was filming at the same studio. But the catch is that Karthi wentrn to meet Vijay with the costume and get-up replicating an elderly man, arn look he sported in Sardar. Interestingly enough, none of the cast and rncrew members, including Vijay could recognise Karthi who was sporting anrn elderly man avatar. He kept roaming the sets of Beast for close to 15 rnminutes.

Then Karthi rndirectly approached Vijay, hoping he would recognise but much to his rnamusement even Vijay couldn't recognise him. After realising the rnsituation, Karthi took off a part of his facial make-up and then rnappeared in front of Vijay. This time, Thalapathy recognised Karthi and rnwas thoroughly surprised by the actor's dedication for his role in rnSardar.

Both Karthi and rnVijay them chatted for about 30 minutes and they discussed about their rnongoing and upcoming projects. Karthi himself revealed about the whole rnincident and said it was exhilarating to see others not being able to rnrecognise him while he was in an elderly man get-up. The Khaidi actor rnwent on to say that he shares a very good relationship with Vijay and rnadds that the latter is a humble and loving human being.

Cutrn to now, Karthi is busy shooting for Ponniyin Selvan. Earlier today, thern makers of the Mani Ratnam directorial announced that the first part of rnPonniyan Selvan will release in theaters in 2022. As for Thalapathy rnVijay, he is shooting for Beast. The film is directed by Nelso and it rnfeatures Pooja Hegde in the female lead role. The makers are planning torn release this film in theatres next Pongal season. After wrapping up rnBeast, Vijay will be working with Vamshi Paidipally for a bilingual rnproject. This project will be produced by Dil Raju and it will be rnannounced very soon.