iSmart Shankar Is A Freemake Of My Film: Akash

Mon Jul 22 2019 21:38:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Until recently, Movie Buffs were curious to know where did Puri Jagannath took inspiration from for the Chip Concept in 'iSmart Shankar'. The search ended with British sci-fi movie 'iBoy' and American Action Flick 'Criminal' which released in 2016.

However, Hero Akash accused Puri Jagannath of copying the script of his flick 'Kothaga Unnadu' which is based on brain transplant. Akash hasn't only acted as Hero, but also penned the Story & Screenplay of that movie.

Akash told he was shocked while watching 'iSmart Shankar' in Chennai on the release date. Then, He tried to contact Puri through his Son Akash and finally came in touch with the Director's Manager to whom he explained about the situation with all the proofs gathered in two days. 'Tamil version of 'Kothaga Unnadu' was censored in January 2016. It released before Foreign Films 'iBoy' and 'Criminal' which are said to be inspiration for 'iSmart Shankar'. I didn't receive any call from them thereafter and even my calls weren't attended. Filed a complaint with Tamil Film Producers Council immediately. That's how Telugu Producers Council chief C Kalyan was contacted. And now, The film body will decide on the solution,' he informed.

Interestingly, Akash appreciated Ram for performing well and Puri for directing 'iSmart Shankar' very effectively but he isn't okay with usage of his script without consent. He says, 'Copyrights can be claimed if 8 scenes match. Over 15 scenes of 'Kothaga Unnadu' and 'iSmart Shankar' are one and the same. In my film, Hero's Mother will be killed. In 'iSmart Shankar', Hero's Girlfriend will be killed by Villain Gang. That's the only difference! I had invested all of my hard-earned money on 'Kothaga Unnadu'. Who will be watching it after the release of iSmart Shankar? Actually, I sought only a small amount as compensation from Puri to re-shoot some of the scenes in my film and release it but he didn't respond. So now, I am gonna fight legally and I will be holding at least 50 percent share in copyrights if anybody wants to remake iSmart Shankar in other languages'.