Hero's Bizarre Style Statement Scares Kid

Thu Oct 03 2019 11:22:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ranveer Singh often surprises everyone with his quirky dressing sense. At times, Over-The-Top fashion statements irk the general public when they get an opportunity to see him from a close distance. Something similar happened during the recent outing of the Bollywood Star in Mumbai.

Soon after spotting a man and his child waiting for him, Ranveer Singh immediately walked up to them and patted on the child's back affectionately. The Little Girl was in tears looking at the Actor who dressed up in an unusual manner. Bright Orange Hoodie mayn't have gone down well with the Baby. Ranveer & his Fans would remember this incident for a very long time.

On social media, Few Netizens have responded negatively over the fashion sense of Ranveer Singh. Some people had even termed his latest public appearance as horrendous