Hero's Team Squeezing Out The Star Director!

Thu May 28 2020 12:30:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is a top director in the industry with whom every star hero wants to work. But he got stuck with a senior star hero from the past two years. The film is no where near completely and this director is going through a lot of frustration. But the hero is a huge star which is why the director is not able to say anything.

Sources say that the hero's team already made a huge mess of the director's story with tons of changes and suggestions. On top of that, they are pointing out the director's blockbuster film and demanding him to come up such huge elevations for this film too. The director is trying so hard to convince them that the storylines are completely different and using all his efforts to stop them from spoiling his script any further.

But the hero's team are hell bent in having such elevations and are said to pressuring this top director. The industry insiders whispering about the hardships this director is facing.