Hero With No Family Background Transforms Like Others As Well!

Tue Dec 01 2020 18:10:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is a saying that industry changes everyone no matter how they are before. It has some kind of spell that makes people behave in a certain manner as soon as they become successful. Take this young hero for an example.

He came into the industry as an outsider and earned a lot of craze for his terrific performances and attitude. He is a sensation among youth and his interesting choice in films made him different from the rest. He always referred to himself as a guy who is an outsider and claimed that he hates nepotism. He made himself as an icon of non-nepotism batch in Tollywood.

But things took a complete 180 degrees turn when he decided to launch his younger brother as a hero. After a failure initially, the younger brother too scored a hit and the crazy hero is trying to make his surname a brand. The person who stood against family background became the head of a family which brought another hero to this industry. His younger brother came into Tollywood just due to his big brother's stardom. Looks like the saying became quite true in the case of this crazy hero.

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