Heroes And Producers Not Interested In Shooting For The Next Few Months!

Tue Aug 04 2020 16:14:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

From the past four months, the film industry has been shut down completely across the country. The virus outbreak brought an unexpected break which is created a lot of issues for everyone. Despite a lot of anticipation, there is no guarantee over things getting back to normalcy as the cases are increasing every day.

Despite the losses and interests, the producers and heroes are showing zero interest in restarting the shootings as they feel that safety is important before anything else. Even if one person on the sets gets infected with the virus, it will affect everyone and the entire shooting comes to a halt. Every single member of the crew should go into isolation for at least 20 days which is why the filmmakers are not willing to take that risk.

There is another talk that high interest rates are also prompting the makers to take such decisions. The financiers reportedly decided to waive off the interests for three months but the interest will start to pile up once the shootings resume again. If they stop again by any chance, the interests keep racking up which will be a huge burden.

Apart from that, there is no clarity about the reopening of theatres. The producers are feeling that there is no use of shooting films and making them ready if theatres are shut down. Nothing good comes out of it if the films stay inside the boxes. This is why the makers and actors are waiting for the vaccine and things to come back to normalcy. As all these may take another few months, the new release may start from next year as per the trade analysts.