Heroes keep their distance from financial matters!

Wed Jan 29 2020 10:55:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is a very crazy project and people are waiting curiously for it. As it is being made on a grand scale, the budget exceeded the limit a long time ago. The producer is finding it tough to raise the required money but he is managing the money somehow by using the director's brand image. Nonetheless, one cannot hide the fact that the film is having financial troubles.

Most of the money is being raised using the director's name and sources say that he is the reason behind people investing so much money. In the meanwhile, heroes in this film are staying far away from all these financial matters. Insiders say that lack of belief on the producer is the reason behind it. Some others say that it is not true and the heroes are reportedly wondering if this story needs such a huge budget or not. But none of them are speaking out keeping in mind the director's stature and image.

Things don't always work out as expected. Every film cannot become a blockbuster. Many are saying that it is no surprise this director who doesn't know the meaning of failure gets a shock this time. Let us see what happens.