Heroine made to eat outside hotel in freezing weather

Wed Jan 26 2022 18:57:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Not often do we see actors being ill treated by hotel staff. But something on this lines has happened to young actress Priyan Prakash Varrier.

Priya faced a tough situation as the hotel that she was staying in made her eat the food outside the hotel premises as she bought the food from outside.

"This hotel @ferngoregaon has this very clever policy that outside food is not allowed inside the hotel so
that they get additional money for whatever meal the
guests that stay with them order over the day. I didn't know about this policy and I got some food
on the way back from work.Let's not forget that
Very disrespectful and poor hospitality." Priya wrote.

"And not the artists themselves so that they can
go through their so called policies. I politely requested that they excuse it this one time as the
food was paid for and I didn't want.to just throw it
away. They asked me to leave the package outside or dump it. They made a huge scene out of it and weren't even ready to listen to whatever I
had to say. It was disrespectfut and tended up. " Priya wrote on social media as she shared about her distasteful experiences.