High Time Tollywood Leaves This Formula!

Mon Aug 15 2022 13:15:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

There are certain formula films that worked wonders at the box office till a few years back. But they ran past their expiry date and movie buffs are in no mood to accept them anymore. One such formula is the hero going against an all powerful villain who is ruling a city or a town and defeating him at the end. This is what is the main recipe of Telugu commercial movies for the last couple of decades.

The hero may be a common man in one film or a police or a collector in another. But the storyline is pretty much the same. Despite this formula becoming out of date, few directors are not leaving it even today. With a few touch ups here and there, they are presenting the same story with a new hero every time. 'The Warrior' which came out last month is one such film. But the hero is shown as a doctor who becomes a police. Other than that, everything is predictable.

The latest release 'Macherla Niyojakavargam' belongs to the same category. He plays the role of a collector in this film but all he does is beat up baddies left right and center in the name of mass heroism. There is nothing new in either Ram's film or Nithiin's flick. Not even one scene gives you a fresh feeling and 'Macherla Niyojakavargam' is worse in the two.

Director SR Sekhar Reddy worked as an editor for more than 50 films and it is surprising to see such a bad film from him. There is not even one drop of creativity in this 'Macherla Niyojakavargam'. People who used to watch regular mass movies again and again have become quite selective nowadays. It is high time that the directors realise this and leaving this over used template.