Home turf becomes rebel ground for Bandi Sanjay

Thu Jan 13 2022 18:04:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ever since Bandi Sanjay became the state president of the BJP, he has been quite active in some programmes or the other He has also galvanized the party workers into action through his padayatras and protests. He is also working to strengthen the party organisationally. But, despite all this, a section of the BJP are opposing Bandi Sanjay's leadership.

Interestingly, those who oppose him are mainly from Karimnagar, which is Bandi Sanjay's home turf. A section of the BjP leaders feel that Bandi is taking arbitrary decisions and is encouraging new comers even as he is ignoring the trusted and senior party workers. Sources reveal that these disgruntled leaders are even planning to go to Delhi to complain against Bandi Sanjay's 'unilateral' ways.

Interestingly, Bandi Sanjay's opponents held a meeting in Karimnagar and called their meeting the 'self-respect meeting.”  Among those present at the meeting were former Kisan Morcha leader Polsani Sugunakar Rao and former state vice president Gujjula Ramakrishna Reddy. As many as 50 leaders were present at the meeting. Even leaders from Peddapalli district too have held a similar meeting.

Sources say that these leaders are unhappy that Eatala Rajender is given more prominence than senior leaders. They have also said that several anti-Hindu persons were given key posts. Whether the BJP national leadership will take cognisance of this is not known, but the interesting fact is revolt is coming from the state president's own district.