How Is Nag Performing As a Host of Bigg Boss?

Mon Aug 05 2019 16:07:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

We cannot judge a book by reading two pages and we can't decide a host's capability by looking at first episode. We have seen Nagarjuna handling Bigg Boss weekend episodes for two weeks now.

By this time, Jr. NTR became less nervous and he settled as an entertaining friend of the contestants as a host.

Nani took few moral stands and that affected his reputation. Still, he did not back out. But his body language grew increasingly tight.

Nagarjuna on the other hand having experience of hosting before, took a casual approach from being formal on Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu.

We can see that he is more inspired by Salman Khan's style of inducing fun into weekend episodes than analysing game of the contestants.

But Salman does advise on the issue if there is one. He balances his off screen self and on screen hosting duties well. That made him a huge asset to Hindi Bigg Boss.

Even though in two weeks, no major issues have come up, Nagarjuna is certainly looking at weekend episodes as fun time while audience want him to be address game of the contestants.

Script writers might be looking at non-controversial way to take the things forward but audiences want host to be their voice.

While Nag's charm is gaining him good reputation as a host he needs to follow some daily episodes or ask for the issues he needs to address for sure, before going on the stage.

If he can bring that ''school master'' angle too into his "fun-next-door neighbour" persona, when required, his hosting could go down as best among the three.