How Many Films Will Pawan Complete In 3 Months?

Tue Sep 20 2022 16:55:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

No one is suffering more than Pawan Kalyan fans in recent times. They are hoping for something interesting from their hero and he is doing the exact opposite. As we know, both 'Vakeel Saab' and 'Bheemla Nayak' are remakes. Despite not liking the idea of remakes, they watched and enjoyed them because of their matinee idol.

Fans were happy when decided to work non-stop on 'Hari Hara Veera Mallu'. But when everything was ready, the reports about Pawan not being happy with the output and makers making some script changes came out. There is news that Pawan is not able to give enough dates for this film which is worrying the fans. The 'Power Glance' which came out recently got a decent response from the audience.

Also, he wants to act in the remake of 'Vinothaya Sitham' but the shooting is yet to begin. The makers including Sai Dharam Tej who plays the other lead are waiting for Pawan but the 'Panjaa' hero is not giving any clarity.
While all these things are concerning the fans, they are reportedly getting happy with the recent happenings. With Pawan's political tour getting canceled, the star hero decided to focus on films for the next three months as per reports. Grapevine suggests that he is looking to complete as many films as he can before Sankranti as he is planning to focus on this 'Janasena' political campaigning from next year.
As announced before, Pawan will be allotting 25 days for the team of 'Vinothaya Sitham' team to complete his part. The remaining days will be allotted to other films. With 'Hari Hara Veera Mallu' taking a chunk of those dates, we need to wait and see what happens with other projects like 'Bhaadeeyudu Bhagat Singh', Surender Reddy's project and Sijith's action entertainer.

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