Humongous Budget Estimated For Making 'Pushpa - 2'!

Wed May 11 2022 16:49:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Pushpa - The Rise' which came in December turned out to be a huge success. Allu Arjun is no longer a stylish star of Telugu cinema but he turned into the Icon Star of the entire nation thanks to the humongous success of 'Pushpa - The Rise'. The film earned more than 100 crores in the Northern belt despite the lack of promotions and competition from big films. People are eagerly waiting for the second part now. If things went as planned, the shooting should have begun by now but it is not the case. Sources suggest that the production of 'Pushpa - The Rule' will begin in June. News is that the budget has been increased heavily.

'Pushpa' has become a sensation that Allu Arjun's mannerisms have come into the regular usage of the public. The songs have turned into worldwide hits with people in various countries grooving to DSP's tunes. Even the team of 'Pushpa' would have not expected the film to create such a huge impact. now that the entire focus is on 'Pushpa - The Rule', star director Sukumar is pushing the limits and turning it into a massive project according to reports. Sources say that he is bringing noted artists and technicians from all over the country. Also, he increased the scale of the movie and rumours suggest that around 200 crores will be spent on the production while 175 crores will be allotted to the remunerations of actors and technicians. The major chunk of remuneration money is allotted to hero Allu Arjun and director Sukumar as per reports. We need to wait and see if these reports turn true or not.

'Pushpa' is set in the backdrop of red sanders smuggling and it is released on a pan-Indian scale. It was dubbed in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam languages. Rashmika played the role of Srivalli in this film while Malayalam star hero Fahadh Faasil played the role of Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat. Actors like Ajay Ghosh, Sunil, Anasuya and others played negative roles in this high-budget film.