I Have Three Bad Habits - Prabhas

Tue Aug 13 2019 19:14:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prabhas started his promotions for Saaho and one video after another is coming out in National media and Hindi medium promoters first.

He talked about his marriage and the way he conducts himself before the release of his film. He said, "I am a shy person, lazy and also highly non-social. I feel awkward to go and talk to strangers.

I am anxious and like SS Rajamouli said, I am very lazy in personal life too. I want to meet someone or do something about my love life but that is not happening. I don't blame anyone for that.

The same is happening to me, about my movies as well. I get so nervous that I might die with heart attack on the first day of movie release.

I can't hold back my anxiety. So, I go and sleep on the first day. I ask my team to wake me up only if the movie becomes a hit. From second day or third day, I can accept the result and move on.

For Baahubali-1, no one waked me up. People said the talk is good in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam but Telugu audiences did not love it, as they were expecting much different or much bigger film.

Somehow, we all were in shock as we made it as a Telugu film, first. Finally, from third day, movie talk picked up and we were relaxed about the result from that day.

I am trying to change myself but I am unable. I'm still nervous, shy and anxious most of the time!"