I Hope Rajamouli Is Leaving Us In An Year, Are You Sir? - Ram Charan

Thu Mar 14 2019 13:38:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Charan came in character getup for the press meet, while Tarak looked like there is still some time for him to fully attain the look.

The actor also thanked Rajamouli like Jr. NTR aka Tarak for giving him such a character and such a huge platform.

Jr. NTR said that he hopes North people and youngsters will also know about Alluri Seetharamaraju and Komaram Bheem with their film and remarked them as the true Telugu heroes.

Ram Charan expanded on it and said, "Yes, we feel it is our duty to let the future generations know about great Telugu legacy and we are not looking at this opportunity for people to know about us but the Real Telugu heroes, the freedom fighters!"

SS Rajamouli adding to it said that it will be his honour and pleasure if people get to know about such stalwarts through his film.

Then Ram Charan joked, "I believe giving one year commitment to a Rajamouli film is not a huge thing. Every film is taking that long to shoot, these days and I hope Rajamouli is going to leave us in an year, are you sir?" He directed at SSR.

Later when someone asked how do you feel about the coincidence that Sye Raa, a Megastar Chiranjeevi film, is also a historical freedom fighter film and you are also playing Seetharamaraju, he remarked it as an happy coincidence and he is excited, that they got such opportunities in the span of an year.