"I Said I Will Never Sit In a Car Driven By Tarak"!

Mon Jun 03 2019 15:53:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tarak a.k.a Jr. NTR earned huge name as an actor and a star in Telugu Cinema. Even though he started as a popular actor like NTR's grandson in Industry, he managed to make a name for himself soon.

He has a very mischievous side to him which is highlighted by several Industry insiders and his friends at different occasions.

Recently, JD Chakravarthy talked about Jr. NTR's mischievous side. He said, "I am close to Jr. NTR. He is an extremely talented person and more mischievous than you can think.

He drove car once with me by playing Meghalalo Teluthu, song from my film Gulabi at 110 speed closing his eyes. I was scared for myself after the experience.

I told him I will never sit in the car if he is driving and I maintained that till date. I wish he liked Ee Velalo edo song and we could have enjoyed more long drives!"

He also said that he wishes Mahesh Babu does more Pokiri kind of films further as he is unable to connect with his recent larger than life films.

He also said that he wished for Pawan Kalyan to win as he is a straight forward person and expressed happiness at Jagan becoming CM. He said that AP people wanted to give Jagan a chance and he personally has nothing against CBN.

He praised Chiranjeevi as an inspiration and Ram Charan as a well-mannered and well-behaved man. He called Nag a very good gentleman and a sweet person.