I Was Hurt By The Teaser Of Majili - Nag

Mon Apr 01 2019 07:58:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nagarjuna spoke about Majili at the pre-release event with a broader smile than ever. He said that he did not watch the film yet but the teaser did hurt him.

He explained, 'I liked the pair during Ye Maaya Chesave and during Manam they sneak around me.

They did not let me know that something is happening between them. I got to know one day when our Dog Leo ran to Samantha as if it does to a family member.

Then, I could really figure it out and know what is going on. In this film's teaser, there is a line in the end, 'Manchi ammayilu vedhavalake dorukutharu (Good ladies fall for bad guys!)'

I am father of Naga Chaitanya, think how I would have felt? It hurt me. Now, I will say a Good Guy got a Good girl on this stage.

I am happy with the young team here and their passion. I loved the trailer and wish the movie, all the success!'