IT Officials Conduct survey at Sonu Sood's house for second day!

Thu Sep 16 2021 17:37:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor Sonu Sood, who emerged as the real hero in the country with his humanitarian work was all over the news on Wednesday with the alleged raids conducted by the Income Tax Department officials at his residence and office places. The alleged development came as a surprise to everyone.

Taking the surprise to the next level, the raids were continued for the second day as the officials are said to have done the survey at the places that belong to Sonu Sood reportedly.

Media reports say that the IT officials landed at the house of the actor on the morning of Thursday and started their investigation. The survey is said to have been carried out to unearth the alleged irregularities in the transactions.

As the IT department officials are said to be looking for the alleged tax evasion by the actor, they examined the bank account statements and the transactions carried out by the actor and the firms that are owned by Sonu Sood.

However, the official statement on the alleged IT raids is awaited by the officials to know what information was gathered by the sleuths. The other day, the Delhi government had condemned the raids and said, such developments involving Sonu Sood is a dark period for politics.