Ilayaraja Remixes 'Raghuveera' Gadhyam For Patriotic 'Son Of India'!

Sat Feb 20 2021 18:00:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is well known that Collection King Mohan Babu is currently acting in a patriotic film titled 'Son of India'. Produced jointly by '24 Frames Factory' and 'Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures' banners, Diamond Ratnababu is directing this flick while Mohan Babu himself has penned the screenplay.

He will be seen playing a never seen before powerful role in 'Son Of India' and maestro Ilayaraja is composing the music. The legendary composer is now remixing Vedanta Dasika's 'Raghuveera' Gadhyam which was written in the 11th century.

When Mohan Babu requested Ilayaraja to remake this song which explains the greatness of Sri Rama, the latter agreed to it as per sources. Film's producer Manchu Vishnu released a video where Mohan Babu and Ratnababu were seen in discussion with Ilayaraja. When asked to sing this song himself, Mohan Babu replied that he is good at mouthing dialogues but not at singing.

Speaking about it Manchu Vishnu said, "To produce a movie with legends is a God sent opportunity for me. And to make a iconic prose into a song, only a legend could do it. This is the first discussion between Mastero Sri.Illayaraja uncle and Father along with my director Ratna Babu. I wanted to share this video with you. And brining the song visually is another story altogether; that I will share soon."

Sarvesh Murari is the film's DOP while Gautham Raju is the editor. Ratnababu and Thotapalli Sainath have penned the dialogues while shooting is going on at full speed.