Ilayaraja's Studio Controversy Getting Worse!

Mon Aug 03 2020 13:29:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Musical maestro Ilayaraja often gets into fights with others and most of them are money-related feuds. In the past, he was at loggerheads with his good friend SP Balasubramanyam regarding having rights over the songs which they both worked on. It was later resolved but he is at war recently with LV Prasad studio officials and it is getting worse with each passing day.

Ilayaraja has a music recording theatre in LV Prasad studio. It is in the name of LV Prasad but out of respect, the owners agreed for Ilayaraja to do his work there. He is composing in that studio from the past forty years and it became his second home but problems started to crop up with LV Prasad's grandson Sai Prasad as he issued notices to Ilayaraja as he asked the composer to vacate the studio. Now, Ilayaraja went to the court stating that he will not be vacating the studio as he is working there from the past four decades.

As a matter of fact, Ilayaraja doesn't hold any rights over the recording studio as it is in the name of LV Prasad and his successors. He did not even pay the rent all these years as per reports. It was given to him out of respect but Ilayaraja is not vacating it and even going to court for it despite not having any strong proof over his ownership. He says that the LV Prasad's family attacked him and forced him to vacate the studio and even damaged some equipment.

The other party says that Ilayaraja has no right over the studio and he would have retained his respect if he vacated the studio peacefully. Let us wait and see how far this issue goes.