In Talk: Short-Tempered Young Hero!

Mon Jan 27 2020 13:35:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anger Management is something every individual has to take seriously. Especially, Film Celebrities will have to remain calm and composed while being on the sets to obtain the best output.

Much to everyone's shock, A Young Hero sees a positive angle in his short temper. He is none other than Naga Shaurya who is playing an angry-young man in 'Aswathama'. In a recent chit chat, The Chocolate Boy confessed: 'It's true that I have short temper. I shout on My Directors, Cameraman, Writers and even my personal staff quite often. The reason for it is the concern I have for their careers and future. Each one of us will have a better life if our film clicks at the Box Office'.

We heard of Film Personalities saying it become a lot easy and positive vibe can be generated if people around you remain calm and composed. Looks like, Naga Shaurya doesn't believe in remaining in such state of mind. At least, He defended his short temper in a very convincing manner...isn't it that true?

January 31st, 2020 is going to be a big day for Naga Shaurya as 'Aswathama', which is a film made going out of his comfort zone, hits the screens. Let's see if his angry shouts fetch him success or proves him wrong..!