In talk: Blockbuster producer did not make any profit?

Tue Jan 28 2020 16:02:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

This producer has stirred up some ugly battles with many production companies and he has a very bad reputation even in public due to his behavior more than anything else.

He did not produce many films that became blockbusters but he always wanted to bow out with a biggie.

Lately, he has been part of an ugly fight too. This man did get his blockbuster but the movie did not make any profit for him, it seems.

Most of the profits have gone to other producer involved and the star actor, it seems. He wanted to mount this project desperately and that made him go for some deals that lead him into this position, it seems.

Even though his film made money, it did not make him much, it seems. In fact, he will losing enough that he may not be able to mount another film any time soon.

He also lost interest but he wants to state that he is bowing out with a record breaking success and hence, so much of insistence on records, it seems.