Insensitive Act In The Midst Of Mahesh's Sorrow!

Wed Nov 16 2022 16:41:54 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Everyone understands the level of craze a star hero enjoys. But it definitely has its downside as people start to mob around them no matter what the situation is. We have seen the public shouting and cheering for star heroes when they arrive at funerals. If you look at the context of what is happening around them, it is quite stupid. But fans cannot control themselves and this leads to a lot of uncomfortable moments.

As we all know, legendary actor Krishna passed away on Tuesday morning and the entire film industry is mourning. His son Mahesh Babu is deeply saddened by the third big personal loss he faced in 2022. His next film's director Trivikram Srinivas and music composer Thaman stood beside him whilst the colleagues and fans came to pay their respects.

A few of the visitors came forward and took selfies with the star writer-director and Thaman. Whilst they had the brain to not ask Mahesh for a selfie, some people taking selfies with Trivikram and Thaman without their consent that too at a place where everyone is mourning the loss of a legendary superstar like Krishna is just insensitive to the core. It shows how the standards of humanity has fallen.

Not just that but a lot of YouTube channels are trying to exploit this sad news and churning out ridiculous thumbnails in order to attract netizens and gain views. This needs to change and people need to be more mature in such situations. As we know, the last rites of superstar Krishna has been concluded a while ago and Mahesh will be spending some time with his family in order to recover from this tragedy.

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