Inspiring Story: 'Love Story' Avoids Corona With Perfect Planning & Protection!

Wed Apr 28 2021 19:12:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

While the entire film industry has stopped shootings due to the second wave of Coronavirus, the team of 'Love Story' has successfully finished the entire shooting with perfect planning. It is all thanks to Sekhar Kammula's vision and care as per sources. The film's shooting began after the lockdown in August and the government only allowed 100 members on the film set and the unit had to adjust to these new rules.

It would've been a huge problem even if one person gets a positive report. So, Sekhar Kammula took extreme care by doing all he can to prevent Corona from entering their shooting location. The makers used to sanitise the entire set everyday and each member of the unit were made to sanitize themselves. They conducted Corona tests in RPCR process. While the regular process only has 50% accuracy, testing in RPCR way will have complete accuracy. The entire crew were given sanitizers, masks and face shields but the production team.

The entire team was provided with lunch by the makers and it was made compulsory to eat eggs, milk and fruits everyday in order to maintain health. They were even given multi-vitamin tablets every 15 days and 3 lakhs worth insurance to the complete team including the bouncers. In case a member tests positive, the entire treatment cost will be reimbursed.

Thankfully, not even a single person from 'Love Story' team got affected by the virus. They worked in complete confidence and this insurance policy will be applied till September of 2021. All these safety measures for the well-being of the film's unit costed the production house over 50 lakhs but money is not important than the life of humans. It is a truly commendable effort by the 'Love Story' team.