Is Adivi Sesh Restricting Himself?

Mon Dec 05 2022 17:57:12 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Handsome hero Adivi Sesh is definitely the hero in red hot form nowadays. He has been proving his worth both as a writer and an actor lately and has been scoring one hit after another. He became a care of address for spy thrillers, action thrillers and investigative dramas for all the directors and producers in Tollywood.

He has been selecting unique stories right from 'Kshanam' and attracting everyone with movies like 'Goodachari', 'Yevaru' and 'Major'. His recent action thriller 'HIT: The Second Case' is also on its way to becoming another hit in his list. Produced under Natural star Nani's banner, the movie earned a good hit right from the morning shows. It earned a total of 11 crores worldwide and stunned everyone. The movie showcased the stamina of Adivi Sesh and the confidence the audiences have in his movies.

Going by these numbers, 'HIT: The Second Case' may end up as the biggest hit in Sesh's career as per trade reports and the team are thinking to release it in other languages as well based on the demand. This movie is part of the 'HIT' franchise which had Vishwak Sen as the lead in the first film. Adivi Sesh's film has already recovered 75% of its pre-release business and we need to see if it passes the Monday test convincingly or not.

While everyone on the team is quite confident, the ground talk says otherwise. Monday's test is going to be crucial for the film to succeed at the box office. Adivi Sesh scored a double hattrick and achieved a rare feat in Tollywood. But he seems to be attracting only the multiplex audience and A section crowd with his movies. He is reportedly unable to penetrate into the masses.

This is very clear from the type of films he did till now. Starting from 'Kshanam' to 'HIT 2', all of them are action thrillers and he showcased that he is the perfect choice for these types of movies. While it is good to know one's strengths, there is nothing wrong with trying other genres. Isn't it?