Is It Good For Chiru To Involve In 'MAA' War?

Tue Sep 07 2021 15:34:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

The situation of Movie Artists Association (MAA) is getting complicated with each passing day. The contest for its president post is getting serious and Bandla Ganesh added spice to the ongoing battles. Despite some bigwigs like Chiranjeevi suggesting them to keep the battles away from media, most of the MAA members are taking everything to media and making a huge news about it.

As it is known, Megastar has given his support to Prakash Raj and his camp. He never openly admitted it but insiders say that he is controlling things from the back. His close people are reportedly stating that it is good for Megastar to stay away from 'MAA' elections. Chiru has an image of being everyone's man and is aiming to take Dasari Narayana Rao's position. But supporting one particular side will cause more damage to his image. In case Prakash Raj and team get defeated, people will say that it is Chiru's defeat and the opposition may claim that they won despite not having the support of Megastar. This will leave a huge black mark on Megastar's image and aura.

This is why Megastar has reportedly decided to stay away from 'MAA' elections and will be taking a neutral stance on the outside. Seems like a good decision. Isn't it?