Is It The End Of Ram Gopal Varma?

Mon Aug 10 2020 10:47:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is once the pioneer of realistic cinema and paved the way for many upcoming directors. His usage of sound and editing was a sensation in the Indian film industry and he is a trendsetter in many ways. He is none other than Ram Gopal Varma, one of the finest filmmakers India has ever produced. But, this is all in the past now.

The torch bearer who thrilled the audience with his brilliance is long gone and he completely became outdated. From being one of India's most regarded and respected director, RGV stooped to the level of being called a B-grade director who makes adult-rated films with no story. He completely lost his touch and disconnected from the tastes of the audience. Known for his eccentric and wild tweets, Varma is just making a living out of controversies now.

The television channels are just him for TRP ratings as they are bringing him to their studios and making him say some nonsense thereby bringing publicity to themselves. He just went down to the level of claiming to watch porn during the live telecast just to gain promotion.

But the TV channels seem to be losing their love for RGV these days and he is getting heavy negative response from Twitter too as per reports. Recently, a group of students attached Varma by showing up at his office and Varma reportedly hid which is currently trending on social media. The students claim that he is nothing but a coward and some sections of the community are even praising these youngsters which shows the level of negativity on Varma among the public. Experts quip that everybody is losing interest in RGV and his eccentric behavior. They claim that it is going to be an RGV's era.