Is It Time To BAN Item Numbers?

Mon Oct 15 2018 16:15:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Item Songs have become mandatory for Star-Studded Films irrespective of its purpose in the plot. Ongoing #MeToo Movement raises the question whether if such elements objectifying the woman are necessary. How could anybody defend a large group of men going crazy for a Lady no matter how sexy she might look?

Depiction of Woman as a Sex Object is unacceptable. Sadly, That's what Item Numbers are all about…Sexy Siren singing about her Physique and Dancing for Lustful Men. It's the similarity which can be found in 'Kevvu Keka', 'Pucca Local' & 'Jigelu Rani'.

Bollywood filmmaker Vishal Bharadwaj removed 'Hello Hello' Item Song featuring Malaika Arora Khan from 'Pataakha'. Last year, Karan Johar issued an apology for item numbers in his movies and promised not to include them in future.

Most People enjoy Item Numbers but they don't tolerate if their children sing such a song. This is because of the lyrics objectifying the woman. If #MeToo Movement motives majority of the filmmakers to stay away from Item Numbers, That will be the first step towards changing the mindset of Men in the country.