Is Jaanu team not confident enough?

Tue Jan 28 2020 09:53:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jaanu is one of the few interesting remakes in the first quarter of this year. The movie was supposed to release in December last year but the makers postponed it to a new date.

The makers have started promotions but we don't see that buzz growth that normally happens in the case of anticipated movies.

At least, makers try to fuel up all the cylinders of the buzz rockets for such films as they take them as their prestige projects.

Somehow, Dil Raju team is not aggressive with the promotion of 96 remake, Jaanu. 96 found audiences with music and the first teaser.

Here the same team is crafting it again in Telugu with very known actors. Still, the buzz is too low. Are they not confident enough?

Do they free over-hype and comparisons? Premam remake with Naga Chaitanya got buzz because the makers dared to say that they are doing the remake and went for full-on publicity.

Here, we see regular approach of single releases and team tweets. Even if it is Samantha who is tweeting and even though Sharwanand kind of a known actor is in the film, if the buzz is so low till release, we can only say that makers have given up prior to release. Hope that is not the case.