Is Manmadhudu -2 Unofficial Copy or Official Remake?

Mon Jun 17 2019 16:47:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Manmadhudu is a desi version of Mel Gibson's What Women want? Many scenes from original are directly used in the Telugu film.

But Trivikram's dialogues and comedy punch lines are unique to the writer. Now, Manmadhudu-2 seems to have similar storyline of a French film.

Prete-moi ta man is a French language comedy that deals with a 43 year old man who has many one night stands but doesn't fall in love.

His family members try to set him up with a girl who is way younger than him and they believe the hero is too shy and a Virgin.

To escape their pressure he makes his friend's daughter act like his lover and then they fall for each other.

Well, Manmadhudu-2 can be a copy, or an inspired film or an official remake of this French film say several insiders. Are they true? We can't say, yet!