Is Puri Behind Charmme Not Getting Married?

Fri Jun 18 2021 17:39:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dashing director is known for a lot of things. He makes films at a rapid pace, writes peculiar characters for the lead roles and many others. Unlike other filmmakers, Puri has a separate view of various issues and his opinions sometimes shock the audience.

He is releasing his 'Puri Musings' every day and recently spoke about marriage. Listening to this, one would feel that Puri is the main reason why Charmme didn't get married. Puri claimed that he doesn't like heroines getting married and a few other lines which are against the institution of marriage.

As we know, Charmme who was a heroine has turned into an executive producer and is working on all Puri Jagannadh's films. People are claiming that the ideas and views of Puri might have rubbed on Charmme to and it is the main reason for Charmme staying single even today. Currently, Charmme is looking after the works of 'Liger' and 'Romantic'.