Is Puri Not Realizing Weight of His Comments?

Sat Jul 20 2019 16:27:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Puri Jagannath is not a small name in the Telugu Film Industry and his comments won't be taken lightly by anyone. But he seems to be unable to understand the weight and reach behind his words.

Once he said that he doesn't have to tell story to Pawan Kalyan but if he gifts him two guns, he will accept the film. This did not go down well with the fans of powerstar.

This might be an inside joke but stating that out in public did not please fans as they see their heroes as demigods. Puri might despise that attitude but they do.

On another occasion, he said that Chiranjeevi might do his story and even released a poster with title. Chiranjeevi did not approve his second half and Puri got hurt that how come his story is not worthy like Khaidi No. 150.

He did express it out and that made him a target for Mega fans. After few days, many forgot about it. Now, he targeted Mahesh and said that he likes Mahesh fans for believing him than the actor.

He meant that Mahesh will ask him to direct a film again when he is in hits but he has a character and hence he won't accept it. This made Mahesh fans dig up old comments of Puri praising Mahesh for accepting his movie when he is in flops and then stating the facts that how Mahesh did not cancel his projects because of his flops.

Well, Mahesh might have his own calculations today just how Puri has his own emotions taking over when he has to praise someone or comment against them.

He might be not understanding how it will hurt others if he is harsh but he might need to give some importance to them too as they are the audiences to his movies, no matter how they turn out to be.

He doesn't have a cult following just because he made movies but because he made memorable movies with most of them. So, hurting these fans to just express his feelings might cost his next films too!!