Is Rahul Trying To Reverse Or Increase The Damage?

Tue Aug 13 2019 12:27:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Adult comedies don't have to be banned or they don't have to stoop to porn comedy level. In 90's major directors used adult jokes to tickle funny bones of audiences.

But lately, such adult content is getting great rejection and that is evident with films like Cheekati Gadhilo Chittakottudu kind of films becoming failures.

Still, if done well, adult comedies can work. As filmmakers still slip in few jokes that belong to adult category in each film. Making them tasteful and ok is the challenge for the makers.

Rahul Ravindran tried to go for adult comedy in Manmadhudu-2, which is common in regular conversations of most of the people but he executed those scenes with even more ridiculous tone and technique.

He doesn't want to admit that but he did say that all the dialogues have single meaning in the film and there is no double meaning.

Well, the actions, suggestions, gestures of actors don't lie, right? We can admit that we tried something and failed at it, rather than covering it up when you something that grossly mischievous.

There is no wrong in doing edgy comedy too. People enjoy such things regularly on TV and the insult comedy has a place too. In order to say that Manmadhudu-2 is a family film, Rahul and team seem to be increasing the damage than reversing it.