Is Rajamouli Taking The Route Of Sukumar?

Sat Jan 28 2023 17:57:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Every director who is working with superstar Mahesh Babu will have a dilemma about how to present him. The star hero has a Hollywood cut out and he is an amazing actor who prefers subtility which is not common in Telugu cinema. After a few directors not reaching the expectations of fans, the responsibility to showcase Mahesh in the best way has fallen into the hands of India's top director SS Rajamouli.

They announced a movie together and sources say that it may started during the second half of 2023. Rajamouli already said that it is going to be a globetrotting adventure film. The 'RRR' director is already in regular discussions with his dad Vijayendra Prasad who is also his story writer. There is a huge chance that Rajamouli may follow Sukumar for Mahesh's film.

As we know, Sukumar made a Hollywood level psychological action thriller with Mahesh Babu named 'One Nenokkadine'. The movie is a big commercial failure and it developed a cult following over the years and is considered as one of Sukumar's best works. He presented Mahesh Babu in a never seen before manner and his acting was just amazing to watch.

Apparently, Rajamouli is looking to take some positives out of the movie in terms of showcasing Mahesh and use it in his movie too. Though Rajamouli adds his own touch and drama, it is going to have the plus points of Sukumar's film. Let us wait and see how if Rajamouli creates a sensation once again with Mahesh. The 'Baahubali' director is either going back in history or made folklore films with heavy fantasy elements. Let us see he can pull of his magic with a stylish globetrotting adventure.