Is Rakshasudu Facing An Unique Problem At Box Office?

Mon Aug 05 2019 19:26:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nobody can deny a fact and an observation. We just reflect on the facts that stats indicate and don't have any kind of personal gain from writing any kind of news story.

Having said that, we have to be able to make our case and voice our concern heard too. Yes, concern.

Even though it is hard to believe that a film website cares about a good film, unfortunately, these days, we do. We care about the box office results of good films and try to help the good word spread as much as possible.

But Rakshasudu, even though could get good reviews, positive Word of Mouth, the movie isn't collecting as well as people expected it to. In Tamil, many audiences regard Christopher as a cult villain and rate Ghibran's score as iconic achievement.

Here, may be Urban audiences seem to have watched the original but B and C centres seem to be not flocking theatres to see such a thriller.

Just like PSV Garuda Vega, this film also could end up as a positive result for the lead actor, who is desperate for success but a loss venture for distributors.

Hero, Bellamkonda Srinivas came up with big budget films attempting to be a mass hero and a star. But he finally, gave up on such big attempts and came up with a medium budget thriller flick, now.

In USA, the favourable reviews had no affect as original is available on streaming services. Even though shows are increased for the film, weekend share is said to be Rs. 3.75 crores only from two Telugu states.

The movie has to collect more than 13.58 crores to become a breakeven hit and that figure will be tough to achieve in coming weeks as new films like Manmadhudu-2, Kathanam, Kurukshetram (Kannada) are releasing. Let's hope movie makers don't lose money.