Is Sunil Not Part of Trivikram-Allu Arjun Film?

Mon Aug 05 2019 16:09:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

A highly shocking rumour for us and even for all the fans of Sunil, Trivikram combination. The friends are not fighting and they haven't owed to not work with each other again.

Please don't think that something extremely bad has happened. The matter is still shocking.

Trivikram Srinivas is the man behind Sunil getting noticed in Telugu Cinema. By luck or by pure timing, Sunil got several other films too that used his wit well.

To be honest, he carried several films on his shoulders as a comedian even though his part was limited to taking counters and landing one or two punches.

But after becoming a lead actor, his concentration from being just a comedian wavered as expected and he lost his finest touch in landing some punches well.

Aravinda Sametha, Chitralahari gave him recognisable characters and he looked settled in Chitralahari. But he still did not have the same rhythm as his previous films, released before 2010.

So, he is expecting a good role again in Trivikram Srinivas's film but the actor role might have been cut out from the film, say sources.

His character was supposed to be a support to Rao Ramesh but Harshavardhan is playing similar kind of role as Rao Ramesh is too busy.

Since the actor changed, the weight of the character also changed, it seems. So, Trivikram softly asked his friend Sunil, to wait for his next film for them to work together again, say sources. But Sunil is asking for a bit role at least, it seems.