Is TFI Showing The Door For Puri, Vinayak And Srinu Vaitla?

Sun Nov 18 2018 21:53:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Puri Jagannath started the new wave of filmmakers after Ram Gopal Verma, Krishna Vamsi and others from 90's seem to be ruling the roost. He brought a new kind of heroism to the Telugu Film hero with Badri.

At the same time, Trivikram Srinivas came up with family entertainers and one line punches that influenced a generation. V.V. Vinayak provided a new twist to the famous Telugu film commercial formula.

Boyapati Srinu came up with his own action driven films and Srinu Vaitla made an impact with comedy entertainers. Sukumar too started his journey with just few years gap.

SS Rajamouli also started his career around the same time. He just marched it into his own league. Trivikram found a voice for his films and even though he failed miserably with Agnyathavasi, came back stronger in the same year with Aravindha Sametha.

Boyapati Srinu and Sukumar have two different kinds of careers but they seem to be at their peak now. This leaves wondering what happend to the impact makers like Puri Jagannath, V.V.Vinayak and Srinu Vaitla?

Puri Jagannath the first one to create the impact among these filmmakers also became the first one to slide down from a peak. He could only give one hit, Temper from 2010 to till date.  

V.V.Vinayak changed from hardcore action films to comedy based action entertainers but from Alludu Sreenu, except for Khaidi No. 150, he hasn't been able to deliver a hit. The major problem is that Akhil and Inttelligent have been humiliating disasters for him.

Now, Srinu Vaitla who made comedy a staple diet for every film since his popular hits like Ready, King and Dookudu is unable to deliver even a film that inspires a good opening.

These three directors have been the go-to directors for many young stars and seniors for more than a decade. But now, with change in the young audiences taste, they seem to be unable to cope up.

They still have loyal fans who wish for their comeback but producers seem to be losing trust on them. Puri Jagannath invested his own money for his son's Mehbooba. Now, he has no other film even at planning stage.

V.V.Vinayak is waiting for Balakrishna's nod from March but still there is no sign of him being able to confirm a film by any other actor too. Srinu Vaitla has blown his chance with Amar Akbar Anthony.

Well, it would be great to see them finding their feat again at the box office but the situation doesn't seem to be in favour of that!