Is There A Chance For NBK Vs NBK Sequence In Boyapati Film?

Sun Dec 08 2019 15:52:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Boyapati Srinu is known for his over the top action entertainers and he is even trolled brutally for his style. But the action blocks directed by him, are still highly popular.

Especially his work in Legend when he introduces Balakrishna in the old character, with a big action sequence, made him popular and what he is today.

After some weak scripts, the director is back to make a film with Balakrishna. Both of them, failed to deliver hits with their films for 2019 Sankranthi.

But they are highly determined to make a huge return to box office glory in 2020. We hear that in the film, NBK will play a village farmer and a billionaire characters.

Villager will be usual good boy hero following Boyapati heroes but Billionaire will be arrogant and playboy, it seems. Some sources say there is a chance for NBK vs NBK sequence in the film.

Well, fans are eagerly waiting to know, who will play villain in the film as Simha and Legend had memorable villains. Is there a chance for one NBK to turn villain while other turns to be hero? Sources don't rule out the possibility!