Is This Music Director Too Costly To Handle?

Tue Jul 16 2019 13:54:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Speculations are abuzz that a leading Music Director has become a burden for the Producers due to his style of functioning. This Chennai-based Composer visits Hyderabad on regular basis along with his Music Equipment, Stays only at Park Hyatt and Plays cricket at midnights. There are people who say Travelling, Transportation, Accommodation and No.of Days has been resulting in extra burden on the Makers.

Haters question why don't the Music Director establish his composing studio in Hyderabad too. It's up to him to decide the best possible way to  deliver what was expected from him and nobody could dictate terms. More over, Composing Music in Hyderabad is far more economical than Music Sittings in Mumbai or Foreign Countries. In fact, Directors and Producers will be more than happy if the Composer comes to Hyderabad rather than asking them to reach Chennai.

Not to forget that this Music Composer have reputation of investing his own money when the budget allotted by the Producer wasn't sufficient to get the required output. He is also the fastest when it comes to composing music, or else why would he complete 50 films in a record time. Most importantly, This Composer hasn't been going in search of offers but accepting the best being offered to him by Producers. Which means, The Production House knew in advance about the expenditure. Then, How could anybody blame the Music Director?