Is Trivikram making the same mistake again?

Tue Nov 12 2019 15:08:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Known as the wizard of words, Trivikram Srinivas is considered as one ofrn the top directors in Tollywood. He is currently working with Allu Arjunrn for 'Ala Vaikunthapuramloo' and a lot of expectations are riding over rnthis flick. The team is in Paris right now canning the super hit song rn'Samajavaragamana'.

Going by the melody and lyrics, it is notrn a song to be picturized in foreign locales and it perfectly suits for arn montage. Shooting abroad can give you rich visuals but cannot replicatern the soul and meaning of this song. If the picturization goes wrong, it rnwill be a very big disappointment.

Trivikram did the same in rnhis last two films. The song 'Baitikochi Chuste' was a sensation before rnrelease but the video was a let down as it had nothing related to the rnlyrics which narrate a story. In the same way, the 'Peniviti' song whichrn was an emotional outburst of a wife waiting for her husband in a rural rnarea was picturized in a coffee shop with an urban touch. The video camern as a shock to everyone.

'Samajavaragamana' has a lot of rnIndian music along with some beautiful Telugu lyrics. People are not rnunderstanding the need to go to Paris and spending a bomb on this song. rnLet us hope Trivikram doesn't spoil a super hit song once again.