Its Testing Time For Chiranjeevi!

Thu Dec 19 2019 17:43:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Even Today, The who's who in the Telugu Film Industry treat Chiranjeevi as the one with impeccable calibre to judge any script. A lot of people would agree that this ability in him made him the Box Office King and fetched the Megastar title.

Unfortunately, The judgement of Chiranjeevi proved wrong in the case of his own Son-in-Law. Kalyaan Dhev-starrer 'Vijetha' had bitten the dust. Neither did it fetch commercial success nor critical acclaim to an extent that the failure can be forgotten.

And now, Chiranjeevi finalised yet another script this time for Allu Sirish. This project will be directed by none other than Rakesh Sashi who was behind 'Vijetha'. Does Rakesh Sashi have the knack to deceive Chiru or Did he came back with a much better subject this time?

Whatever could be the reason behind the consent given by Megastar, Its gonna be testing time even for someone who proved his terrific script sense multiple times already. Time to make critics realize he is yet to get outdated..!