It's time for Mohan Babu version of NTR biopic!

Tue Feb 18 2020 15:40:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao is not just a name but an identity. Yes, the man has become such an iconic brand as an actor, person that he could make careers of aspirants not just in film industry but in politics too.

His life as an actor is not as plain happy saga of accidents that made him to work harder and harder, as NBK's versions of NTR biopics have depicted. He had to go through tough times even as a popular star and as a politician, he saw more drama in his life than ever.

Ram Gopal Varma tried to depict the political coup that made NTR's life an interesting news topic even after 20 years of his death into a film but with an agenda of showing someone he dislikes as villain.

But can NTR's life be limited to these two versions? What about others who saw him closely? Mainly, when a person like Mohan Babu is still around, who is a witness for everything happened, how can he be silent?

So, with his inputs as the story element and some research, Manchu Vishnu decided to produce a webseries, Chandarangam about the political coup, that happened behind NTR for his position.

Raj Ananta directed the series for Zee5 OTT platform with Srikanth as NTR. The series also has Devayani, Nagineedu, Chalapathi Rao, Sunaina, Ravi Prakash as leads. Srinivasa Sharma scored the music. Series will be available on streaming platform from February 20.