Jacqueline Seeks Permission From Court To Fly Abroad!

Wed May 11 2022 17:33:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Gorgeous beauty Jacqueline Fernandez who is being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in relation to a money laundering case has approached the Delhi Court seeking permission to release her passport so that she could travel to Abu Dhabi for 15 days in order to take part in IIFA ceremony. Along with that she even requested to allow traveling to Nepal and France.

The Sri Lankan model turned actress faced accusations of being linked with Sukesh Chandra who has reportedly taken 200 crores from people. Apparently, he gifted Jacquline a lot of expense accessories according to ED. The photos of Jacqueline and Sukesh being together have gone viral on social media.

The ED has issued a Look Out notice on the actress and she appeared several times before the officials for questioning. She was stopped by the officials at the airport in Mumbai when she planned to go abroad. Also, the ED has attached 7.27 crores of her assets as a part of their investigation.

Advocate Ajit Singh who represents Jacqueline Fernandez has filed a plea that states, "Only after the release of her passport and permission from this Court, the applicant will book tickets and will accordingly submit the detailed itinerary before this Court thereafter.

The applicant has always joined the investigation before the Enforcement Directorate and remains ready and willing to abide by any such conditions that this Court may deem fit to impose if the prayer sought for is granted, in accordance with the law. Grave prejudice will be caused to the Applicant if her permission to travel abroad is denied, while no useful purpose will be served to the prosecuting agency if the Application is allowed."